Week 34 Newsletter

iOS News


How to separate view controllers from their view logic

Making View Controllers lighter makes life happier.

Beta testing by Crashlytics

Beta testing is still one of the most frustrating parts of mobile development and now Crashlytics is helping too.

Data migration in iOS applications

This becomes really useful when your app evolves with new features.


Animated Application iCons

This would be a fun enhancement when you’re downloading a new app or the app is being refreshed.

Will Apple launch widgets?

If they do, this is a great concept.

The Visual Development of Bonsai Slice

A behind the scenes look at how a game was designed.

Android News


Android Tips Round-Up, Part 5

This is part 5 of a great series.


Android library created to listen incoming and outgoing SMS's.

Dynamically add flair to ActionBar MenuItems

It's common to want to decorate MenuItems in your ActionBar.


Best size for Android app design in Sketch?

Good discussion on how to use Sketch for Android design.


How to use custom typefaces.


See how your Android design looks on a grid.