Week 35 Newsletter

iOS News



We are pretty sure you know about the launch of Swift language by now and have been reading up on it. Here is a write up from the designer or Rust language which many are saying has inspired some constructs in Swift.

Swift: Not quite there, but too far gone too

With all the love Swift is getting, Bryan writes about the things he doesn't like about Swift.

Can you still use Objective-C?

Yes you can. This post shows you how.

Null pointer exception - no more

As we unravel the details of Swift, Dean discovers a gem - the fact that only variables explicitly marked as nillable can be assigned a null value. We have all fought the null pointer exception battle and it’s time to move forward.


iOS 8's iMessage design changes

iMessage has some newly added features in iOS 8 with great design. Scott breaks the down the new iMessage design for some inspiration.

Apple Design Award 2014 Winners

2014 design award was special because it marked the launch of iOS 7 and these apps were the best ones to design for iOS 7.

Android News


Build android eclipse project from command line

Constructing an application APK file from command line.

Using Android with Google Maps V2+Custom Markers

How to get the most out of Google Maps.


An Android Wear Design Story

A good writeup on designing for wearables.

App Styling

Some great styling tips in this blog.