Week 36 Newsletter

iOS News


Developing iOS8 App Using Swift

Create a to-do application using the new programming language from Apple.

iOS8 Swift Cheat Sheet

Quick and helpful reference guide for iOS developers.

Apple and Responsive Design

Apple introduces new feature known as “Adaptive UI”.

Explaining iOS8 extensions: Opening the platform while keeping it secure

How does this new version of iOS exactly differ from android? Developers are saying that the difference between Android’s approach to security and privacy and iOS’ approach is that Android will gives users more freedom. But more isn’t always a good thing.

iOS Objective-C: Creating a class at runtime

Writing an App that requires you to accept any sort of random json or xml? While you could just consume them in dictionary format, this may not be the optimal option. Therefore, here is a way to create a class at runtime.


High-Contrast Icons and Accessibility

If an icon works well when encountering someone with visual impairments, it’s proved itself as a well-designed icon. Through working on high-contrast icons, it actually provides developers with important techniques and tools that are applicable to the rest of their design work.

How iOS8 interactive notifications will change your Business

There is an incredible amount of potential for company’s to improve their app’s stickiness and drive continued engagement.

Why Designers should really learn to code

Crossing boundaries and finding common ground within design and code

Android News


Creating Android Lens Blur Depth Viewer

Google has recently updated their Android camera app. Within the update, a new addition known as Lens Blur is included, which is a new camera mode that lets us take pictures with depth. Users are able to take this new feature to render a 3D view of a picture using JavaScript

Learning how to animate update or loading refresh action button

You want to show that your app is updating and present the process to your user

Groovy: the Swift for Android

A language for Android that is as modern and efficient as Swift.

Why every Android developer should be Reactive

Using asynchronous operations effectively to create great mobile experience.


Adding attributes to a custom view

When the default Android Views just don’t cut it.

7 Apps that understand great design

Do you measure up to these great user interfaces?