Week 37 Newsletter

iOS News


Swift Generics

Explore how Swift compiles Generics and it's different uses with syntax. We will suggest bookmarking this blog as they will have more Swift related articles in future.

Creating a Parallax scrolling album cover with UICollectionView

Learn how to create the new popular effect, Parallax. Soon you will too be able to make that cool looking scrolling album cover stack animation for yourself.

Introduction to MVVM

So whats the difference between MVC and the new MVVM (Model View ViewModel)? Find out here.

Sample Mobile Application with Ionic and Angularjs

As with most developers, there is a ever evolving quest to find the best mobile application development stack. Take a look at Ionic, a library that provides mobile-optimized UI components to build natural hybrid apps.

Animated Components with UIKit Dynamics

Learn how to create attractive, eye-catching animation effects using UIKit Dynamics.


Tips to Designing a Good App Experience - Going Beyond the Visual

Pleasing design is a must for all successful apps. However, the ultimate goal of design is to win the customer's subconscious. Therefore, it is crucial for to learn how to create an app that innately feels comfortable and enjoyable to their users right from the start.

Building Custom Controls for iOS

Allowing developers to build reusable UI functionality that can be modified in the designer in a 1st class manner.

Tools for Running an iOS Consulting Studio

Trying to grow your company and weary of increasing management responsibilities? Growing into a larger organization doesn't need to be overwhelming. Everything you need to organize and excel is right in front of you.

Android News


Creating a Visually Appealing Pie Chart

In many android apps occasions will arise where you may need to show data in graphical format.

Getting Started with Android Studio

Android Studio is a relatively new IDE that was released recently. Learn how to create a new Android project and take advantage of all the features that Studio has to offer.

Page Object Pattern with Multilayer Design

If you're up to date, you probably know that one of the cons of using Automation is its high maintenance and low scalability of code. Here is some of the best practices and design patterns you can follow to mitigate any problems you may encounter.


54 New Files for UI Design

Take a look at this new beautiful collection of useful UI PSD files created by professionals.

Android Graphic Design Cheatsheet

Graphic Designers aren't programmers and its understandable that sometimes they don't know how to properly prepare graphic assets for developers. Heres a useful guide to help you on any problems you may be having.