Week 38 Newsletter

iOS News


Swift: Tuples, Protocols, Delegates, and Table Views

Brush up on your Swift Skills.

Free vs. Paid Apps: The Pros & Cons

Strategically monetizing your app could be the difference between building a successful business and having to scrap your efforts.

Using Swift to make a Game like Candy Crush

Practice your enums, generics, subscripting, closures, and extensions while making a fun app along the way.

Learning Swift from Objective-C

Understanding the differences and similarities between Swift and Objective-C.


7 Essential Design Principles

Be sure you understand all of these before you start designing your app!

Everything you need to know how to draft an amazing mobile app

You ca not explain your app fully to anyone until your wireframes are finished and ready to present.

Android News


Everything you need to know about Google I/O Keynote

Stay up to date with the latest development that were released at the tech conference from Google.

Android: Tools of the trade

Demystifying the weapons in your arsenal that you will use to develop your Android application.

Android "L"

Want to know more about the next Android platform?

Effects of Android Application Termination

Digging into ActivityManagerService reveals a bit about how applications are killed.


9 principles Google created for its colorful "Material Design" UI refresh

Learn the principles behind the new interface that will be integrated into the future Android "L"

Great high quality football (soccer for you muricans) related icons

With the World Cup in full swing, here are some graphics to aid you in your new app that needs just a little kick.