Week 39 Newsletter

iOS News


Singletons in Swift

One particular way of creating singletons in Swift.

How to Use SQLite to Manage Data in iOS Apps

When working with large amount of data in a mobile app, there’s no way around using a database.

For-in statements with indexes in Swift

Doig a for loop with an “in” statement.

What developers should know about Apple’s Testflight

Many already believe that TestFlight spells the end for HockeyApp. But looking at what we know so far about TestFlight, I’m not so sure that’s the case.

Accessory Developers, Meet iOS 8

WWDC 2014 was packed with new features for developers to take advantage of in iOS 8.

Lazy Initialization with Swift

Lazy initialization (also sometimes called lazy instantiation, or lazy loading) is a technique for delaying the creation of an object or some other expensive process until it’s needed.


Part 3 of a designers process

Cap encourages designers to help in coding because you will want to!

Ideo Releases A New Photoshop For Interaction Design

Ideo is a leader in design and this tool is amazing.

Android News


Gitignore file for Android projects

Ignore my description, because the title says it all!

Gfycat for Android

Gfycat takes those gigantic gifs and compresses them to a more convenient video format.

Easy Release for APKs

Gradle plugin for Android projects that helps with signing release APKs


Irregular shapes in Android

A little while ago I was asked about how to create images with irregularly shaped outlines such as those in WhatsApp which are shaped like a speech bubble. In this series we’ll look at some techniques for doing precisely that.

A look at the Palette class

Create a dynamically colored ActionBar (and also the status bar in L), or a filter based on the dominant color of your bitmap.