Week 4 Newsletter

iOS News


Step-by-step guide to implement continuous integration with Xcode 5

Julian James has a pretty good walk-through of continuous integration with Xcode 5. Now that Xcode 5 ships with bots for continuous integration all you have to do is configure it to work with your build. We suggest bookmarking this.

Awesome productivity tips for Xcode

6 quick tips from Tobias to be productive with Xcode. We like the new quick testing feature under the Test tab in Xcode 5.

Http requests from your iOS app might be vulnerable

Security vendor Skycure has discovered vulnerability with iOS http requests, to avoid they are suggesting developers use Https and create a new subclass object of NSURLCache that avoids 301 redirection caching.

Speed up your iOS development

Nima Gardideh has some tips for speeding up iOS development - use limited UI components, have Backend API one step ahead of iOS, ship every week.


You can make your app freemium without pissing off paid users

iOS 7 makes it easy to move to freemium model because of a very small but significant change - a digital receipt in every app (free or otherwise) that includes the version number when the customer originally bought the app. Nik also has some good advice on things to consider before you go freemium.

Android News


New runtime Compiler in Android 4.4

Looks like KitKat has new real time compiler engine called ART. This is going to make Android apps very efficient because of it's compilation to more native code than what's available through Android JIT.

Index your Android apps with Android KitKat

All the data within your Android app can now be indexed, searched and deep-linked from Google Search. This will be a great channel for content apps discovery.

Port your Android app to Firefox

Want to port your Android app to Firefox OS? We know Firefox OS is early but hey if it takes off the early movers will be at advantage. Thom has listed all the steps he took to port his simple birdwatching app.


Facebook's open-source spring animation library for Android.

Checkout the amazing demo and see how you can add some calculated spring animation to images in your apps.