Week 40 Newsletter

iOS News


Core Data: Relationships and Fetching

Learn more about relationships and NSFetchRequest here.

Post to Web Server API in Swift using NSURLConnection

A simple and effective way to connect to a web API from Swift.

Model View Controller Presenter

Utilizing "Presenter" with MVC to write highly reusable iOS code.

Generics in Swift

If you want to be good with Swift, you should be able to write code with generics.


50 Awesome iOS Icon Designs for your Inspiration

If you're looking to craft that perfect icon to represent your app, look here for some great ideas.

Walk through the Design Details for SoundCloud

SoundCloud just recently redesigned their app and it looks really slick. Find out how you can employ some of their best tactics to create a great UI/UX.

Android News


Playing animations when transitioning

Giving a good experience to users by paying animations during transitions.

Take a look at the Palette Class

Create a dynamically colored action bar.

Android L: How to Create a Floating Action Button

Build a simple floating action button with shadow, ripple and outline.


50 Great Free Resources for Designers

Here are some high-quality tools to help you design that perfect app.

An Android Wear Design Story

Insight into how to design apps for new wearable technology.