Week 41 Newsletter

iOS News


Image Processing in iOS Part 1: Raw Bitmap Modification

With image processing, you can apply fancy effects to photos such as modifying colors, blending other images on top, and much more.

Using Parse with Swift and Xcode 6

Lukas von Mateffy, shares this tutorial with you guys on how to use Parse in Swift.

Using UIGestureRecognizer with Swift Tutorial

If you need to detect gestures in your app, such as taps, pinches, pans, or rotations, it’s extremely easy with Swift and the built-in UIGestureRecognizer classes.

Swift: Demystifying Parameter Names In Functions

One of the frustrating things I’ve encountered with Swift is how to work with parameter names in functions.


Impervious Appeal: How to Design Jaw-Dropping IOS Apps

One of the major futuristic visual flairs of IOS 7 apps is the use of depth. Depth can be achieved in a number of ways.

20 resources to help you design an iPhone app

When you’re a designer, ready made resources are fantastic to have at hand and available to be used when needed.

Android News


CalenderView Example

This class is a calendar widget for displaying and selecting dates.

Scientific method applied to software development

Android developer at Twitter shares his scientific method applied to software development.

RecyclerView in Android: The basics

I’ve been playing with RecyclerView these days, and will give you a little presentation of what I discovered so far.


The App Design Process is Broken

It’s easy to catch issues in your design when you are testing an interactive prototype. Problem is, that usually doesn’t happen until development starts. At that point, it’s too late to fix things.

Google Is Making Android A Beautiful, Dynamic Scrapbook - A Closer Look At Material Design

We saw a beautiful video and learned a little bit about the intent and thought behind Google's new cross-platform look (which we actually saw a bit earlier than anticipated), but there's so much more to be said.