Week 42 Newsletter

iOS News


UIKit Dynamics in Swift

Your users will connect with your app at a deeper level by seeing it respond to their actions in a natural, dynamic way.

Interoperating between Swift and an Existing Objective-C Code Base

Are you looking to adopt Swift as your language for developing iOS but you already have a great project written in Objective-C that works great? This tutorial will get you started in connecting your Swift and Objective-C code to each other.


Be sure to take a look at XCTest, the testing framework built into Xcode, as well as the exciting new additions in Xcode 6: XCTestExpectation and performance tests.

Sprite Kit Physics Features in iOS 8

Check out some new physics features, particularly improvements to physics bodies and physics fields in Sprite.

Fast animation

Incorporate these nifty animations into your next app to deliver a smooth experience to your users.

Motion Blur

Utilize motion blur into your app to create a life-like look to interactions.


How to Design Jaw-Dropping IOS Apps

The look and feel to your app is as important as its functionality. You must cater to UX trends to appear on the cutting edge in order to earn respect in the mobile world.

Have an app idea?

Pop helps you transform your pen+paper ideas into a real working prototype.

Guide To Create Ios App Icons

A strong visual appeal should be an integral part of the icon design; it should be compact, have an attractive package, and be directly identifiable.

Android News


Android development has its own Swift

Learn more about Xtend, best understood as “CoffeeScript for Java”, or as “Java 10?

Build A Custom Launcher on Android

Take a look at this useful tutorial where you will learn how to create a simple launcher with a basic user interface.

Simple Ripple + Reveal + Elevation

Be sure to implement Ripple, Elevation and Reveal effects for your views introduced in Android API 21.


Top 10 Android L Features You Should Begin To Explore

Explore a significant number of new capabilities, updates, and under-the-cover improvements in the new Android L.

431 Material Design Icons

Find some inspiration for your icon design by browsing through over 400 unique icons.