Week 43 Newsletter

iOS News


OpenGL ES Pixel Shaders

Discover how to turn your iPhone into a full-screen GPU canvas.

Custom image for the detail disclosure button

Learn what to do when you run into needing two targets from a single cell.

Image detection in iOS 8

The addition of new detectors in Core Image, with its high-performance, easy to use API, allows for new scenarios that previously required third party imaging libraries.

A Swift App that Calls JSON Web Services

SwiftPlaces allows the user to search for places by postal code and then view details about a place, including its current weather.

Dragging Views with Gestures Tutorial in iOS8 with Swift

The strength of iOS lies in the interaction using touches and gestures. In this tutorial we'll display some custom views, which we can drag using the pan gesture recognizer.


Inspiring UI Roundup+Menu Animations

Take a look at these beautifully designed interfaces. Be sure to click and check them all out in detail!

10 great free tools for designing

10 brilliant tools to help you get from concept to finished app faster — all free.

Android News


Building UIs for Android Wear

Explore the navigational concepts that Wear apps should support in order to integrate well with the device and learn how to provide guidance on designing the UI flow of your app.

Releasing an Hybrid App Using Steroids.js

Creating a hybrid app is easier than ever with this in-depth tutorial.

Make Android DrawerLayout More Responsive

The DrawerLayout is a great Android widget for creating a sliding menu drawer navigation, but it might result in a few problems that can be easily avoided with just a small amount of coding.


3 essential keys to great form design

Forms can have a huge impact on the success or failure of your mobile app. Be sure you understand the important points.

Crucial Design Principles that you should know

Consider these principles as you apply your own creativity and design thinking. Deviate with purpose.