Week 44 Newsletter

iOS News


Swift Trickery

In this post Alex demonstrates wide variety of uses for NSFetchdResultsController, by showing Arbitrary section ordering, Animating between different grouping of data, Semantic drag ‘n’ drop and Showing empty sections through a proxy.

iOS 8 Metal Tutorial with Swift: Getting Started

As you might know Apple release a new API for GPU-accelerated 3D graphics called Metal. In this post Ray shows how to use it with Swift by making a very simple triangle. Even though I don’t work with graphics I am surely going to try this out to see how much efficiency Metal brings over OpenGL.

How to build a nice Hamburger Button transition in Swift

This one is pretty interesting, Robert saw a hamburger button transition on Dribbble and went ahead and coded it. If you ever wanted to use a button you saw somewhere in your app this post is for you.

Example Code for Using Swift to Save and Query iOS Keychain

If you are wondering how to add or read from iOS Keychain in Swift, Matthew already has the functions for you to do exactly that in this post.


Updating for Modern iOS Design – A Case Study

It’s always interesting to see how app designs are changing based on the design changes in iOS. In this post Ryan writes about the design changes he did for "Click Metronome" app.

Design Dilemma: Why Do Clients Love Bad Design?

Everyone likes good design but only few people have courage to build it is one of the reason listed in this post answering why clients love bad design.

Android News


Android Libraries You Should Use in Every Project

Ben has a list of libraries you should use in every Android project and a neat trick to discover other libraries.

Face Detection with the Android API

If you ever wanted to implement face detection in Android this is the post to look at.


Exploring Android L: What Exactly Is Material Design?

With the launch of Android L Google introduced Material design. If you are still wondering what it is, Andre has a good explanation in this post.

Material design in the 2014 Google I/O app

If you haven't seen, this is a must read post from Android developers blog about Material design and how Google designed android app for I/O conference.