Week 45 Newsletter

iOS News


Getting Started with ReactiveCocoa

ReactiveCocoa is a framework that allows you to write apps declaratively.

What is the deal with Swift Closures?

Swift closures are more powerful than objective-c blocks.

Swift Strings

The Swift String is very different from its predecessor NSString, but they are bridged together in such a way that you can use a Swift string anywhere you would use an NSString.


How Designers Can Help Developers

This is a few years old, but really a great read for designers working with developers.

iOS Designers: Say Goodbye to Pixel Perfect

Pixel-perfect design is bullshit.

Master iOS Design (Free)

Take a look at the evolution of iOS design over the years and the outlook for the future.

Android News


Why I Use Crashyltics

How their data can help you fix the most critical crashes with minimal effort and create happy users and customers for your business.

A First Glance at Android's RecyclerView

A flexible view for providing a limited window into a large data set.

Locally release an Android Library for JCenter or Maven Central inclusion

This post will put you on the right path to releasing and Android library to bintray ( JCenter ) or maven.org ( MavenCentral ).


Crafting the Unclouded Experience

The designer talks about some design details that they have worked hard to fine tune in order to craft the ‘Unclouded’ experience that they envisioned.

What Does it Take to be a Mobile Designer Today?

We can’t design for mobile like we used to do for posters and Web pages. So what toolkit and mindset does a mobile designer need to thrive?