Week 46 Newsletter

iOS News


Custom Control Structures in Swift

There is some really neat stuff in Swift. In this post Hugo writes about Closures in Swift and how to use them. I have to say Swift does make code more readable and easy to understand.

Manipulating Constant Objects

In this post Natasha explains how constants work in Swift. In Swift you can always guarantee that your class is manipulating the same object and nobody can re-assign it to something new. Great example of how Swift creators have focused on fixing a lot of issues with Objective-C.

How do the Objective-C patterns we already know translate into Swift?

How do the Objective-C patterns we already know translate into Swift? Nick's website "that thing in swift" has the answers.


Design Details: Foursquare for iOS

In this post Brian writes a detailed design critique of the new foursquare app. The app is beautifully designed and there are a lot of things that we can learn while designing our apps.

The Right Way to Ask Users for iOS Permissions

Asking users for permission to get their location, address book, microphone access etc. is always tricky. In this post Brenden explains how they increased the permissions conversion for Cluster app with some simple design and UX improvements.

Android News


An Introduction to Android Transitions

A comprehensive tutorial on Android Transitions. If you ever wanted to dive into Transitions, this post is for you.

Implement In-app Purchase Version 3

This tutorial is to implement version 3 of the In-app purchase the latest version of IAP in the Android built.

A First Glance at Android’s RecyclerView

At Google I/O this year Google announced the addition of RecyclerView as part of Android L preview. This post is an introduction to RecyclerView, it’s many internal classes and interfaces, how they interact and how you can use them.


How Google’s Material Design Is A Massive Modification Of Android

In this blog Damian explains what Material design is and how it compares to iOS 7 and Windows phone.

Android L. Material Design .sketch resource

If you have already started tinkering with Android Material design for your apps here is a Sketch resource file for you.