Week 5 Newsletter

iOS News


iOS App Performance Cheat Sheet

Daniel Amitay uses his years of experience writing apps into this GitHub repo on substitutions and configurations that can improve Objective-C code performance. You can remove bottlenecks with NSDateFormatter and other Objective-C frameworks like UIKit and Quartzcore.

Fuzzy Autocomplete in Xcode

You should integrate this code-autocomplete plugin write away if you miss Sublime Text style fuzzy autocomplete in Xcode. Nonetheless, it is an insightful post if you are thinking of hacking with Xcode yourself.

AutoLayout Tutorial in iOS 7

This is a well-rounded post on making app work with different layouts and devices using Xcode 5 AutoLayout feature.


"We Divert Thousands of Potential 1-Star Reviews Every Day"

See how one iOS game raced to the top 50 grossing charts and maintains a 4.5-star rating by connecting directly with users in-app and the "secret weapon" they use to do it.


The iOS Design Cheat Sheet

A helpful guide for iOS 7 designers containing resolution & display specifications, app icon dimensions, typography and user interface metrics. This is an update from last years cheat sheet published by Ivo Mynttinen.

Rounded Rectangle Script for Photoshop

This is handy script to generate rounded rectangle vector shapes using Photoshop according to iOS 7 specifications. There are presets for common iOS icon sizes to help you get started.

36 Developers Have Asked Apple to "Please Fix the App Store"

It's clear that app search has gotten worse. This is a petition that calls for Apple to rethink the search engine of its App store to help with the exposure for paid apps, new apps, and new version releases. Even if you do not sign the petition you should read the reasons they cited to see how they more downloads from search.

Android News


Why You Should Only Support Android 4.0 and Above

The Wedding Party app team decided to only support Android 4.0 and above so they could launch and iterate faster. They share their thought process, the challenges they faced and how their decisions has helped.

Create a Gridview With Auto Sized Images

This post explains how you can create a GridView with two columns and auto resized images inside each view with a label in the bottom of each image attached to the view.

How To Make Rounded Avatars

Sometimes you want user avatar in circles. This post is a walk through of three different approaches to get rounded avatars.

Debugging Your App on Device Using Eclipse

Some problems cannot be solved in the emulator. This short tutorial on how to debug on device using command line tool called Andriod Debug Bridge.


Android Holo Colors Generator

Easily create Android components such as editext or spinner with your own colours for your Android application. It will generate all necessary nine patch assets plus associated XML drawables and styles which you can copy straight into your project.

Android Design In Action: New in Android 4.4

A roundup video by designers at Google of all the design changes made to Android 4.4