Week 51 Newsletter

iOS News


Core Data Asynchronous Fetching in iOS 8 and Swift

How to perform asynchronous fetches, a feature that developers have desired for a long time!

UISlider Tutorial in iOS8 with Swift

How to display an UISlider and a Label for a great navigational experience.

Playing with Strings

A few fun exercises to help understand how strings are handled in Swift.


iOS 8 Illustrator Vector UI Kit Update

This illustrator UI kit is free! You should download it now.

Designs Evolution from iOS 1 to iOS 8

This is really a great way to view the history of iOS from the beginning and what's changed with iOS 8.

My App Design Workflow

"I always start with a non-Retina, 1× document size."

Android News


Preparing for Android L - Fixing SQLite Queries

Sqlite 3.8 will be the default version used by Android L, rumored to be released on November 1st.

A Pair of Android Tech Talks from Square

Annotation processing boilerplate destruction and HTTP In a hostile world

Deep Dive Into Android State Restoration

A great presentation on state restoration.


9 App Design Tips For Android Screens

Certainly it’s a challenge to develop for Android. But the magnitude of that challenge is largely overblown.

The Beautiful Design Summer 2014 Collection on Google Play

Somehow, we missed the best android designs of Summer 2014!