Week 52 Newsletter

iOS News


Creating a Custom iOS 8 Keyboard Extension

How to create a custom keyboard extension using iOS 8 SDK.

Swift Learning Resources

"We love swift" has put together a great list of resources on learning and keeping up with Swift.

Working with Segues in Swift

Swift makes it easy to encapsulate small pieces of information compared to Objective-C.


My first public iOS app is now available

This is a great post by a developer talking about his first app. Do you remember your first app?

What iOS 8 Means for App Design

This is a good roundup post from Zack on different devices sizes that designers have to keep in mind while designing for iOS 8.

Android News


Great animations with PageTransformer

The Android ViewPager is often used in action in setup wizards, image galleries, and it’s a great way to separate your app’s content.

Sticky Headers Recyclerview

This decorator allows you to easily create section headers for RecyclerViews using a LinearLayoutManager in either vertical or horizontal orientation.

Android Pro-Tip

Maximizing the availability of your apps across devices of all sizes and densities.


Material Design + Develop

This are the slides from a meetup at Google that I attended. Gives a good snapshot of what material design is and the code snippets help to show the implementation details. Can't wait to see all the stuff that get's build with this design philosophy.

Material Design for Bootstrap

I's material design everywhere, it's not just a design framework used by Android apps, it has it's own followers. In that spirit, Fez went ahead and started working on material design for Bootstrap. Do take a look to see how the specific elements look under material design.