Week 54 Newsletter

iOS News


8 Patterns to Help You Destroy Massive View Controller

View controllers become gargantuan because they're doing too many things. This post explores isolating responsibilities into its own object.

Solving Pi with Swift (fun)

A little trick that uses random numbers to approximate the value of Pi with Swift.

Why iOS Developers Still Need to Know Objective-C

Objective C is still the core of iOS development.;

Xcode 6 Tutorial: iOS 8 Share Text Via Twitter in Swift

A quick and simple tutorial with Xcode 6 and Swift.


Average App Store Review Time

The Aaerage app store review time is now 11 days and the overall trend doesn't seem to be good.

How We Used iOS 8 Interactive Notifications to Build a New Chat Behavior

The story behind Jam Messenger, the app that only lets you reply thumbs up or thumbs down.

iOS 8 Concepts That Will Impress You

What can iOS 8 become?

Designing for iOS versus Designing for Web

Reminder: Designing for iOS is Not the Same as Web.

Android News


Android From The Trenches

These slides are for the talk "Android From the Trenches: Lessons learned from having two apps in the top 100 on Google Play for 3 years".

From KitKat to Lollipop SDK

Great rundown of what's changed from KitKat to Lollipop.


Android 5.0 Lollipop

Material design in pictures and videos.

Animation: View Contact from List

A concept that shows an animated transition from contact list to contact details.

Material Design Icons

Google has open sourced 750 icons as part of the Material Design spec.

Appcompat v21: material design for pre-Lollipop devices!

Using App Combat to enable you to bring your updated designs to older platforms.