Week 55 Newsletter

iOS News


IOS Localization Tricks For Storyboard And NIB Files

Xcode 5 introduced Base Localization, but Localization is always a tough nut to crack. In this post Lammert shows a couple of tricks that can help with the Localization of Storyboard and Nib files.

iOS Device Motion Data Collection Using Swift

iOS generates a lot of motion data and sometimes its hard to capture all of it without performance issues. In this post, Carlos shows how to save hundreds of hours of activity data without affecting performance.

Design Patterns in Swift

Generally when we think of design patterns a boring abstract text which has nearly no practical implementation comes to our mind. But this piece changes that, it shows design patterns along with code samples that you will actually want to use.


iOS 8 Notification design tips

Notification widgets are new and there are still no design norms for them. We are continuously updating iOS 8 Widgets page (https://tapfame.com/ios8) with more widgets and you can see how varied they are. Creators of Dark Sky offers their advice on Notification widget design in this post.

Design Details: Inbox by Google

Although iOS has it's own design tenets, Google has ventured into pushing Material design for it's apps on iOS. Inbox by Google is an example of that. If you like the idea behind Material Design, definitely take a look!

Android News


My Favorite Script - Being Lazy for Fun and Profit

If you find yourself repeating the same task again and again while testing your app on multiple devices this post is for you. Russell tried to automate the whole process of testing new features and publishes the code to do the same. Give it a try!

Automatic versioning and increment using Git tags and Gradle

Want to automatically set versions for your Android app without actually changing a file? This blog post from Sean is for you.


Material Design on Android Checklist

If you haven't checked out this checklist already, now is the time! This checklist released by Google is a good place to bookmark as we go about redesigning our apps.

Understanding Material Design

If you are still confused like I am about what exactly is the difference between Skeuomorphism, Flat design and Material design, Raveesh tries to make it clear to us in this post.