Week 56 Newsletter

iOS News


Swift Function Currying

In this post Lammert illustrates various ways we can use currying function in Swift. Although there are drawbacks such as not being able to curry normal functions, only able to curry in defined order of parameters, this functionality does make Swift powerful.

Swift and valueForKeyPath: You Can't Keep a Good API Down

Swift is still new for all of us and we are all looking for new ways of doing things we used to do in Objective-c with Swift. This post from Matt shows new way of unwrapping complex arrays with Swift and at the same point avoiding crashes.


1,500+ app and game templates ready to be reskinned and launched on iOS and Android

Publishers who have bought products on Chupamobile have successfully ranked their apps and games in the Top 10 positions both on iTunes and Google Play. Do you want to be the next one? Get started now!


Apple Watch Apps Concept

Grab this PSD and get started with designing your app for Apple Watch!

To blur or not to blur?

When it comes to blur operation, it's an expensive one. Context matters a lot in while using blur and Glen argues that it's better used when it actually serves more than just a visual.

How we designed the iTunes of journalism

This is a great post from Jort on how they designed Blendle - the iTunes of journalism. They used different template for each newspaper designed specifically to give you the feeling that you are actually reading that newspaper. Brilliant.

Storyboards in Xcode 6

If you don't like using Xcode Storyboards and rather prefer laying out views in code, you probably had a list of reasons why. Richard also had such a list but looks like Xcode 6 fixed a lot of reasons why he wasn't using Storyboard. Take a look to see if Storyboards in Xcode 6 are worthing giving another shot.

Android News


Decoupling your Android code

Decoupling the code is more of an art than science, you have to know how far you should go. In this post Sean offers a list of tools along with how to use them to decouple your code.

How I Accidentally Became an Android Developer

This is a great post on the similarity and differences between iOS and Android and how Tom moved from being an iOS developer to an Android developer in four months. Also applies if you have been trying to move from Android to iOS :)


Building for Android TV

If you are curious about the elements of Android TV that you will be designing for, this is the post for you. Looks like the big screen will have some good design challenges.

Design Considerations for Little Fingers

If you are considering designing an app for kids this is the post for you. Designing for little finger has its own challenges, Andrew suggests more images less text, planning for repetition and more.