Week 57 Newsletter

iOS News


Extending Background Ranging on iOS

Looking to get some extra ranging time in your iBeacon enabled app? David has some tips for you. Notably CoreLocation only gives you 10 seconds of ranging time when an app is in background so this tricks can help you gain more time to wait for user to come closer to your desired location.

Asynchronous Testing and TUSchedulers

This post from the folks at Tuenti helps you test asynchronous code. Methods such as polling and customized callbacks helps. However, choosing a correct timeout value becomes critical if you are thinking of using polling.

Dynamic & Interactive Launch Screens

Rather than letting the user wait while your app loads, it might be a good idea to add some dynamic stuff to the launch screen.


Horror Vacui

If you are like me trying to use every pixel on the screen available this design post is for us. Essentially, when it comes to design - less is more.

iOS Design Guidelines

If you haven't looked at this hugely popular design guidelines resource already.

Android News


Porting an Android app to Android TV and the Nexus Player

Excited about the new Nexus Player? Here is how to port your app to Nexus Player and Android TV.

Battery Optimization for Android Apps

I am glad someone thought about this. Save battery and make users happy.

Building an Android Google Cast Sender App

Your intro to developing a Google Cast Sender App with code samples and screenshots.


Visual Guide to Android L Material Design

7 insights to help you with Material design.

The Many Faces Of Google's Hamburger Navigation Drawer

Here are all the ways you can design Hamburger navigation. A bit rigorous but helpful to choose the best one for the use case.