Week 59 Newsletter

iOS News


Creating a Private CocoaPod

We all know of CocoaPod by now but did you know you can create a private one for your organization? Doug's post helps us create a private Cocoapod for internal iOS applications.

Working with Handoff in iOS 8

Take a look at the demo app showcasing "Handoff" functionality in iOS 8 in this post on AppCoda blog. I haven't used it myself but looks like a sure win for developers.

iOS 8 HealthKit: Working with Biometric Data

If you are curious about all the data HelathKIt gives you access to, how to process it, this is the post you want to read.


'Like a Butt Crack', With Christa Mrgan

In this podcast from Daring Fireball, Christa Mrgan discusses Yosemite UI design, Apple TV’s aesthetics (and its shitty IR remote control), Apple Watch speculation (including using it as an Apple TV remote), the Watch’s new San Francisco font, bling in icon design, and more.

iOS 8 GUI for Sketch (iPhone 6)

A Sketch file of GUI elements found in the public release of iOS 8.

Android News


Polishing Your Android Overview Screen Entry

A good way to attract users attention is the overview screen and now with Android Lollipop you have the option to configure it.

What’s Your Intent?

Ryan writes about Intents, use cases for it, how to use them and why we need not focus on UI while using intent.

Extract An Android APK And View Its Source Code

Nic tells us how to extract code from APK and how we can safeguard our apps against it.


Android Everywhere: Material Design wipes the slate clean

Connor writes about the evolution of material design. It's great reading how far Android has come and the twists and turns it has taken.

Tips for Designers: from a Developer

I love this kind of posts because they try to bridge the gap between design and development which is essential for any successful app.