Week 6 Newsletter

iOS News


Let Users Easily Share Things from your App

Overshare-kit reminds me of how we have used Sharethis on the web. It is library for iOS that lets you add many sharing options: facebook, twitter, instapaper, airdrop etc.

Singletons in Objective-C

Singleton is probably the most most used design pattern in iOS. Its an extremely powerful way to share data between different parts of code without having to pass the data around manually.

The Build Process in Xcode

Most times we hit the play button in Xcode and our app plays like magic. But when something goes wrong, we're stuck looking at the build logs to figure out what went wrong. This post is a good overview of the build process and the different steps in the process so you can debug more easily.


Create Awesome App Screenshots

See examples of good/bad app screenshots and get some tips before adding your screenshots to iTunes connect.

Simple and Structured way to Think about Flat Design

For designers, this will serve as a good reminder of what we need to pay attention to. For non-designers, it will help you understand the shift from dimensional to flat design and what it implies on a technical level.

How this Guy's App Got to #2

Behind the scenes look of how an app go to number 2 in the charts. The key insight here is really plan the promotion of your app through several different channels!

Android News


Send Different Notifications to Users that Have Your App Running in the Foreground

Your push notifications should be different if the user has your app opened in the foreground vs. background. See how to segment your push notifactions to active and background users.

Using Xamarain and SQLite.net

See how to use SQLite.Net when building an app using Xamarin. You can make your life easieryour code free from boilerplate unreadable SQL queries.

Test Your App on Android 4.4

Some preliminary thoughts regarding areas of potential incompatibility between Android 4.4 and your app.


Android Bootstrap

Fork or star this repository as you revamp or make a new Android app.

Creating Unique Android Apps

This slide deck is detailed walk through on ways to have some character and unique identity in your Android App so your app doesn't just look like all the others.