Week 61 Newsletter

iOS News


How To Build a Custom (and “designable”) Control in Swift

If UIKit standard controls aren't enough for you, Yari has the solution in this post with the bonus of it being in Swift.

Open URL From Today Extension

Looks like Apple doesn't have right instructions to open the app from "Today" extension aka Widgets. Daniel has written a great post on how he found out about it and how to fix it.

Hakawai - a powerful, mentions-enabled text view for iOS

UITextView a lot of times feels limited in it's functionality, this library from LinkedIn helps with extending it and gives an example of how to implement @ mentions using it.


Your App Is Good And You Should Feel Good

In this post William talks about design psychology and the fact that most design decisions are made in conversations. It's a really nice talk on how our brain takes criticism and how we can overcome it.

Adaptive Layouts for iPhone 6

If you are the kind of designer who likes to work in Xcode, this post is for you. Mathew illustrates in this post how to build adaptive layouts for iPhone 6 and the settings in Xcode that allows us to do it effectively.

Android News


Building Data Driven Hierarchical Views

In this post Paul writes about how to build multiple custom views that can be used in various layouts and updated by passing data to one container view per layout.

Android Uploading Camera Image, Video to Server with Progress Bar

Looking to implement an upload progress bar? Ravi has the tutorial for you.

Grid Spacing on Android

Cyril writes about how to manage the dynamic grid-based UI effectively.


Material Design Color Palette

Cool tool to generate color palette and visualize how it will look like.

'Port' Isn't a Dirty Word

When it comes to porting an app from iOS to Android, design is an important consideration because iOS and Android follow different design conventions. This post from Zack helps us think about issues that should be considered.