Week 62 Newsletter

iOS News


Swiftly getting a human-readable date with NSDateFormatter

Date formatting has always been something that led to bugs in my code. In this post Nick helps you format dates in Swift.

Xcode Warnings: Turn Them Up to Eleven

The sooner you detect a problem, the cheaper it is to find and fix is the mantra from Jon in this post. Great post on turning on Xcode warnings.

Swift, Playgrounds, and XCPlayground

Xcode now comes with Swift Playground but what if you wanted to test network requests ? Jon has the answer for you in this post on how to use XCPlayground to test network request.

Debug an iOS app while the WatchKit app is currently running

While you build that awesome WathKit app, take a look at this post to figure out how to debug iOS app while WatchKit app is running.


2500+ Mobile App Landing Pages Later

Not so much of app design but this blog is useful if you are looking to design your app landing page on web.

Design Case Study

Cast Study on how George went about designing a real estate property search app.

Android News


Debugging Your Android Source Code With ADB

Need help with debugging? Nic's post helps you debug with Android Debug Bridge.

Continuous Delivery for Android

Want to use continuous delivery while building your app? Follow Ross' post for details.


Why we are redesigning our Android apps

With the advent of material design a lot of us have to redesign our apps, here are the reasons why Brenden decided to redesign his apps.

Designing the Lyft Split Payment Experience

Patrick from Lyft on how they designed Split payment experience, pretty detailed analysis.