Week 63 Newsletter

iOS News


Integrating FontAwesome on watchkit

Ever used FontAwesome? I didn't, checkout this post from Javier on using FontAwesome with WatchKit. Saves up a lot of space because instead of image resource it places a character and scaling is easy cause it's a vector image!

State Machinery

Soroush created a library to implement State Machines in your code, makes it dead simple rather than writing a lot of code yourself. Check it out!

Debug an iOS app while the WatchKit app is currently running

While you build that awesome WathKit app, take a look at this post to figure out how to debug iOS app while WatchKit app is running.

Notify Users When A New Version Of Your App Is Available

This is the Swift port of the Objective-C "Harpy" repository from Arthur.


My app design workflow

Absolutely awesome post from Marc, the lead developer at Bjango on his design workflow. Great inspiration!

Hypothesis driven UX design

Interesting article on how to optimize for conversion in a result view based on a hypothesis.

Business and Marketing

The 2014 Panic Report

Folks at Panic Inc. discuss how 2014 went for them in terms of iOS upgrades, Mac App Store, App Reviews, iOS revenue and how 2015 will look like for them. Worth reading if you are planning your 2015!

Android News


Using atomic counters to resolve concurrency conflicts in Android game

João shows how to implement atomic counters with his memory map game. Great example!

Tips and Tricks for Android Material Support Library

Want to upgrade your app to have material design on old devices? You will find Johanthan's blog post helpful.

Android Wear - Wearable Message Api

As more of us work on wearable apps, here is a blog post from Dejan to help you establish messaging between phone and wearable.


Breaking down Google’s Android Lollipop UX

Android Lollipop came with a lot of design changes, Zeeshan picks the 5 UX flaws.

We are Living in a Material World and I am a Material Girl

How Trello Android App was given a material design makeover.