Week 64 Newsletter

iOS News


Data-Parallel Programming with Metal and Swift for iPhone/iPad GPU

With iOS 8 Apple launched Metal, an alternative to OpenGL. In this post Amund shows how to use it as an alternative to OpenCL with the example of calculating the Sigmoid function.

Why we're rewriting our robotics software in Swift

Absolutely amazing post from Brad on how and why they used Swift to rewrite a lot of robotics code that was written in Objective-c. If you are still thinking about whether to rewrite your existing code in Swift, do read this post.

Function Composition in Swift

Like functional programming? See how to implement basic functional programming methods with Swift in this post.

Swift Emoji Merge Sort

Finally we can have some fun with the code and get away with ugly curly braces and square brackets. I am pretty sure kids will have a great time learning Swift.


Cinematic Continuity in User Interface Design

Ever wanted to implement seamless transitions that you see in movies? This is a great post on achieving continuity in app transitions and how iOS and Android support it.

The Challenge of Designing Mobile Apps for Increasing Screen Sizes

If you are still figuring out a design strategy to cope with the ever increasing size of devices, Kamil has some tips for you.

Android News


How to debug HTTP(S) traffic on Android

Debugging API is hard and it only gets harder when you add HTTPS, 3G and 4G connections to the mix. Sebastiano helps you debug such API's with the help of "mitmproxy"

Android UI Development Made Easy

If you think the Android UI development is broken and you often end up with a lot of boilerplate code and poor architecture, Serge offers a solution in this post.

Implementing and Using Custom Drawable States

Paul shows how to implement custom drawable states that allow you to tailor your user experience based on data.


True Type Font Iconography for Android apps

This blog post outlines the steps needed to build a multi-device Android and iOS application that uses a true type font, like Font Awesome, for the purpose of iconography.

Properly Interpreting Design Guidelines

Trevor writes down hist thoughts on how closely design guidelines should be followed. A good reminder that guidelines are recommendations and not rules.