Week 66 Newsletter

iOS News


Message passing between iOS apps and extensions

A handy library to help you with passing message between iOS and WatchKit app.

Swift: Linearizing code

Like linear flows? In this post Eric compares linear flow with Swift's if-let construct. Read the post to decide for yourself which one you prefer.

Creating Custom Animated Buttons

Great tutorial from Rafael on how to create custom animate buttons.

Swift 1.2 fixes and breaks a few things: you should be excited!

Swift 1.2 was release last week, take a look at this post to see what changed for good and bad.


30 Fresh Web UI, Mobile UI and Wireframe Kits

A post full of design resources - fully editable and available in multitude of various formats.

Designing Search for Rooms

A great post from Julius on how he went about designing Rooms (from Facebook). And not only design, he also talks about the need to build search in Rooms app.

Why We’re Bringing Transit to the World’s Weirdest Streets

Design is how it works and this post signifies that. Transit team mapped out the chaotic streets of Nairobi, Kenya and designed an experience that applies to the transit in Nairobi. Truly inspirational.

Android News


RxJava Observable tranformation: concatMap() vs flatMap()

Nicely written post from Fernando on how he overcame one of the shortcoming of flatMap method by replacing it with concatMap.

Ripples from a Touch Point

If you use Ripple animations in Material design UIs make sure it emanates from the touch point that triggered the animation. Mark helps you with that in this post.

Dynamic blurred app background

Great post on achieving dynamic blurred images from Marcin.


How We Created Scalable UI - A Case Study

Juhani writes about their effort to create a consistent UI over different android devices. Very well written.

Android HowTo: Material Design Tabs Scrolling like in Google Play Music

If you are looking to Material Design tabs in your app, Daniel has written this post for you.