Week 67 Newsletter

iOS News


Swift: Madness of Generic Integer

What do you do if a programming language doesn't provide functions you need? Marcin in this post takes apart integer types in his quest to create generic function that will handle any integer value. The ensuing discussion on Hacker News is also worth looking at.

Code signing and distributing - Swift

Miguel lists all the problems they faced while code signing and distributing Swift code.

Avoiding Complex View Controllers

Joe nails it with this post - avoid complex view controllers, they are messy and will lead to unmanageable code in long term.

Watchkit Overview

I nice overview blog post from Jordan on WatchKit. Pretty sure this post will be sought highly after the WatchKit announcement.


Radial Bar Chart Generator for Apple Watch

Clearly Apple prefers radial progress charts as seen in the demo apps. This nifty tool helps us generate images of Radio bar charts to design watch apps.

It’s Only Color

Mike helps you choose a color palette and how to use it after you have a set of colors selected.

OneShot, a one week design case study

If you want to read one app design case study this week, read this one. An absolutely well written post on how Daniel went about designing OneShot app.

User Interface Design Otherwise known as: How to interface with idiots.

Some design tips to always keep in mind.

Android News


Android Security: The Forgetful Keystore

If you use Keystore to secure your apps, you gotta read this post. I am surprised to read that some use behavior can actually wipe Keystore.

An Investigation into Flow and Mortar

Matt writes about his experience with Flow and Mortar libraries as an alternate to Fragments.

Sending Messages to Android Auto

Working with Android Auto SDK seems pretty straightforward. Get started with Android auto with basic setup in this blog post.

How-To Create a Working Kiosk Mode in Android

With tablets replacing Kiosk terminals and no official support in SDK we are left to our own with implementing a robust Kiosk app. Andreas worked on one such Kiosk app with his team for their startup. Read on to learn the tricks they used.


A comprehensive guide to craft amazing Android Wear applications

Great tips on designing Android wear apps.

Thus the Icon was Born

Every icon has it's own little story, this is the story of icons in LIVE4 GoPro made with keeping Google's material design guidelines in mind.