Week 68 Newsletter

iOS News


The Art of Code Review: A Dropbox Story

Ashley Nelson explains how to review a code efficiently and without much hassle and its implementation for the app to be developed.

Key-Value Observing mechanism simplified

The Key-Value Observing mechanism (KVO) couldn’t possibly be much simplified then this one by Javier. He explains how to keep track of any changes that are made in the object’s property value.

Prototyping Native Watch apps

Hamza aptly explains how to prototype an app for Apple watch without using any code at all!

Typed Table View Controllers Redux

The solution to the problem of snippet crash at run-time is perfectly answered by this post: creating a non-generic subclass and writing a wrapper function to help with type-safety.

Share Data in your Swift WatchKit Apps with App Groups

Want to be able to share data between your app and its extensions? This article gives one of the simplest ways in which this can be done by using NSUserDefaults. - works

How to Architect Your iOS App

James proposes an architecture to solve the common problem of placing too much functionality in the AppDelegate.

NSDate Manipulation Made Easy in iOS 8

Dates are always hard to deal with and I always jump onto things that make it easier to handle dates. This post is one of those types, it helps manipulate NSDate in iOS 8. Jump in! :)


How to design for the Apple Watch and the new era of computing

With all the excitement around Apple Watch preorder here is a post on how to design with keeping the unique things about Apple Watch in mind.

Android News


Using Bluetooth in app development for Android

Kate gives an insight of the usefulness of Bluetooth in developing apps and the different areas where this technology is providing a way even for very small ideas to become a reality.

Going multiprocess on Android

Android puts heavy memory constraints on apps so Sebastiano offers a way to go multiprocess on Android! so we do not need to kill all processes in case the system is running low on memory.

Custom Drawables

Knowing why to use custom views is not enough, Ryan shows us how this approach is implemented for other non-view related portions of the app.


First implementation of Material Design

Feedly teams post on their foray into material design.