Week 69 Newsletter

iOS News


Let's Build Swift.Array

The beauty of programming languages is that you can implement it's core data structures using that programming language itself. Mike shows how to implement Swift Array and in the process goes into a lot of under the hood stuff that's worth knowing!

Natalie - Storyboard Code Generator

"Natalie" is a project from Marcin to save us from the String issue of strongly typed Swift Language.

How to Create a NSNumberFormatter Singleton in Swift

You probably used Singleton before but have you used it with NSNumberFormatter? Adam shows you how to do it.

Failable initializers, revisited

Jesse shows a use case where you can use Failable Initializers. Don't know about Failable Initializers? Here is the intro on official Swift blog.


4 Hand-Drawn Fonts from Typesketchbook

If you're in the market for a collection of off-the-beaten-path hand-drawn fonts, you'll want to cast your eyes on this four-pack from Typesketchbook. From tall and condensed to big marker style, you'll have a wide range of typefaces to choose from.


Your Spring Animations Are Bad (And It’s Probably Apple’s Fault)

Mike comments on what's wrong with UIView Spring animation in iOS and the alternatives you can use to fix it.

Fall of the Designer Part I: Fashionable Nonsense

Eli writes about the threats that face design practitioners and the app industry.

Android News


How to respond to any* messaging notification on Android

Looking to respond to notifications through your code? This is a great post on how you can implement a reply to notification functionality in your app with code samples.

Scheduling Repeated Tasks in Android

Bozho writes about how to schedule a task when the phone starts.

Why Android Unit Testing is so hard.

Unit Testing in Android is hard, Matthew tells you why and what you can do about it.

Android: Determine when App is Opened or Closed

I never had to implement this but it looks like determining when an app is opened, re-opened or closed is hard with Android. The team at MeetMe helps us with the solution.


Designing Settings

A great post on how to design settings for your app.

Improving Your App Design with User Testing

The designer at Soundwave writes about improving design with user testing.