Week 7 Newsletter

iOS News


6 Useful Xcode Features

Did you know you can mark parts of your code as FIXME, TODO, #warning and Xcode will list them in the functions menu? Better to have a standard than coming up with our own tags. I am definitely going to start using this more frequently.

Xcode Cheat Sheet

If you are the kind of person who likes remembering keyboard shortcuts, this cheat sheet is for you. You can also go a step further and set this as a wallpaper if you like :)

Xcode Breakpoint Wizardry

Debugging is probably where we spend a lot of our time and if it’s a bug that requires several minutes to replicate it ends up taking a lot of Reddit visits in between. To save you time Brian has some really cool breakpoint techniques like audio breakpoints, current thread backtraces, symbolic breakpoints and watchpoints.


Top tips to acquire more users for your app

Which audiences convert best? What are the trends of the most successful app categories? Use these and other useful insights from a study of thousands of app promotion campaigns on InMobi.


Five Years in the App Store

Years fly by! I can't believe it's been more than 5 years since the app store launched. This is an inspiring post from David on his experience going through ups and downs of building apps and lessons he learned.

iOS 7 Rounded Rectangles

The rounded rectangle in iOS 7 app icons have a very subtle difference as compared to iOS 6. PaintCode has a great post on generating perfect rounded rectangle and the open-source code to do it for your app.

How Usability Testing Drastically Improved an App

Joshua makes a great case for usability testing before designing an app. He helped design HelloSign app and with the help of usability testing the team was able to remove a lot of confusion at the time of signup and make the functionality much clear.

Android News


Transition Animations in Android KitKat

Mark has a great tutorial on newsy added transition animations to Android 4.4. It does a lot of work for you with just two lines of code!

Implementing #hashtags in Android Application

Great post on using linkify to make your text clickable and use regular expression to select part of the text. Sourabh demonstrates this by implementing hashtag functionality.

Enhanced Notifications in Android KitKat

With Android 4.4 you can add a lot of extra info to the notifications. A great way to engage users with notifications that have pictures and more info.


Follow Android Guidelines

The story of an app before and after following the Android design guidelines. Google has spent a lot of resources into making the design guideline as comprehensive as possible, it’s good to see more and more apps following it.

Android Icon Size Guide

Single place to see different Andriod app icon sizes that you will require at different points in your app and to show on Google play store, notifications etc.