Week 70 Newsletter

iOS News


My Biggest WatchKit Mistake

Folks at Realm asked developers the biggest mistakes they have made building WatchKit apps.

Functional Programming in Swift

A great writeup from Guanshan on how he got started with functional programming in Swift and basic things we should know.

Jared’s Code Signing Tips: Apple Watch Edition

Hello Code Signing, so we met again. I have no idea when code signing is something we wouldn't have to read blogs for. But for the time being, here is Jared with his Apple Watch code signing tips.


Some icons are verbs, some icons are nouns

A great post on meanings of icons, how they evolve and how to use them.

Designing for the Apple Watch

Just yesterday I was reading Apple Watch design guidelines, this blog does a good job of giving a summary of it.

Android News


What's new in Android Testing

Slides from Droidcon on all the latest stuff Android testing has to offer.

Android Annotation Processing Setup using Gradle

Jens writes about annotation process StaticLauncher that he created so you can annotate any Activity with @StaticLauncher and it will generate a new ActivityLauncher class for you.

NotRxJava guide for lazy folks

Yaroslav shows how you can implement basic principles of RxJava without actually using RxJava.


Missing Android Material Components

Dmytro shows how you can create Android Material Components which are present in Google Material Spec, but missing in Android SDK and AppCompat v7 library

The (hidden) Benefits of Good Design Specifications.

Matthieu interview Trello designer on their redesign with Material Design.