Week 71 Newsletter

iOS News


Changes to the Swift Standard Library in 2.0 beta 1

Looks for all the library changes done in Swift 2.0? This blog lists down the big changes with code samples. Looks like things have gotten much better!

What's new in iOS 9

By now you probably know all the new SDK features announced in WWDC - Search extensibility, GameplayKit, SFSafariViewController etc. More than just headings, this blog shows you the actual code.

Xcode UI Testing

Xcode 7 comes with UITest and it does seem like a great way to UI test iOS apps but David Owens cautions us with going all in on it.

Swift 2: Test Driving the Error Handling

Swift 2 comes with new a new way to handle errors. Natasha writes about how to use it.

What's New In WatchOS 2.0?

With the launch of WatchOS 2.0 there are tones of new stuff. Folks at outware have an update for us.

WatchKit for watchOS 2: Initial Impressions

Another great post on what's improved in watchOS 2.0 from Mic Pringle.

Deep linking & search in iOS 9 will change everything

This looks like something that didn't get much attention but is huge. You can now have your app indexed along with activities and it will even work if the user doesn't have your app installed. I am looking forward to seeing how the algorithm actually works. Seems like it will look for things like how often users interact with app content, the time that passes between tapping a result and opening a deep link etc.


Apple Design Awards

Congrats to all the winners!

4 tips on typography in UI design

Using different apps this blog explains how we can typography in different ways.

Android News


Easy SQLite on Android with RxJava

Cedric comes up with “Async Rx Read” design pattern to help you with database access.


Announcing the Material Design Showcase and Awards

Some pretty good apps in there.