Week 72 Newsletter

iOS News


Introducing Protocol-Oriented Programming in Swift 2

A great tutorial from Erik on Protocol-Oriented Programming in Swift 2

Address Sanitizer in Xcode 7

With all the news about Swift 2, Apple quietly launched Address Sanitizer in Xcode 7. Mike Ash explains why it's important and how it works. Scroll down the article to see how to use ASan functionality in Xcode 7.

Swift: Revisiting printing with string formats

Erica writes about a custom logger that mimics NSLog built using format specifiers in Swift 2 which is actually faster than NSLog!`

The Not-So-Complicated Complications

With WatchOS 2, Apple launched Complications, Michal takes us through how to integrate Complications and shows how you can use Digital Crown to scroll through future and past data. Reminds me of adjusting the watch time in good old days.


Inside the Design of the Boosted Boards iOS App

A really insightful post from the folks at design agency TM on how they helped design the app for Boosted Boards.

What happens when an Apple guy explores Material Design?

Now that we have Appple and Google on different design paths, its interesting to see how an Apple guy explores Material Design.

Android News


Loading data from multiple sources with RxJava

A great post from Dan on performing network queries and catching data with RxJava.

Why You Should Use a GIT SHA in Your Crash Reporting

Ever got lost with which commit the crash reported is associated with? Donn writes how to add GIT SHA to the crash report from the crash reporting tool you are using.


Android Design Support Library

A great rundown of Android Design Support Library.

Designing Android Product Icons

Michael writes about things we need to take care of while designing icon for Material Design such as Grids, Lighting, Colors, Geometry etc.