Week 73 Newsletter

iOS News


Swift 2: SIMD

If you are into SIMD (Single Instruction, Multiple Data) Swift 2 has good support for it. In this post Russ benchmarks Swift's support for SIMD instructions and shows how you can use it.

LLDB Expression for Code Injection in Xcode

Geppy from InvasiveCode shows how to use LLDB expression command with code samples and an example. Must read if you haven't used it, can't imagine debugging without it.

Should I use a Swift struct or a class?

This is a comprehensive post to put an end to the question of whether to use Struct or Classes in Swift.

Breaking down iOS 9 Universal Links

If you are still looking to add Universal Links to your app this is the blog post for you.


Designing For (and With) Color Blindness

According to Aaron 1 out of 10 users finds an app that doesn't have Color blind mode difficult to use. He has some good suggestions on how to support color blindness in your app.

Redesigning the Apple Watch UI

Luke suggests some improvements that can be made to Apple Watch UI, worth a read if you are designing Apple Watch apps.

Android News


Deferring Observable code until subscription in RxJava

If you are wondering how to use "defer" method in RxJava Dan has written a great post about it.

Enchant your users, without boring them with repetition – Animations

This is a great post on how to make animations faster over time so your app doesn't feel slow to the users. Paul even created a git repo called Quicksend to help you with it.


Exploring the new Android Design Support Library

If you haven't yet explored the Android Design Support Library, Joe has a very well written walk through in this post with examples!

Material Design is Different, Not Better

In the words of a commenter - "One of the most objective yet personalized in depth look at Material Design and iOS design I have read so far. Looking at the strengths while not neglecting the weaknesses of each."