Week 74 Newsletter

iOS News


Type-Erased Wrappers in Swift

Protocol-Oriented Programming is great, but sometimes you run into unexpected problems with the compiler. Type erasure is a way to help.The Swift standard library already has a few type-erased wrappers, such as AnySequence and AnyGenerator. In this blog, Samuel E. Giddins explains how to make wrappers of your own.

Objective-C Pointers and Swift 2: A Simple Guide

In this post Jameson Quave points out how to use C functions using function pointers with Swift and how to take advantage of these features to work with legacy C and Objective-C APIs

An Xcode Plugin for Unsmoothed Text

What do you do if you don't like something with Xcode? Well, you build it. Mike didn't like the smoothed text in Xcode so he went on to build his own plugin! A great article with a lot of insights if you are hacking with Xcode.


To Sketch, or not to Sketch?

In this interview Tobia talks about why he loves Sketch, his experience with material design. Its great to read stories from other designers.

Should you use Material Design on iOS?

Interesting write down on how Matthieu implemented Material Design for iOS.

Android News


Percent Support Library: Bring dimension in % to RelativeLayout and FrameLayout

Nuuneoi explains how to use the new percentage option for layout sizes in the support library.

Android File Grouping Plugin

Dmytro Danylyk writes about Android File Grouping plugin in this post. Seems like a really helpful plugin to organize our files while developing on Android.


Guide (& tips) on Creating Quality Material Design Icons

Icons matter, they are the first point of contact for our users. Matthieu has tips for creating quality icons.

Android Design for Developers

Android Design course on Udacity from Google with special focus on Developers who want to design their own apps. Check it out!