Week 76 Newsletter

iOS News


How to Make Text in a UIVisualEffectView Readable on Any Background

Learn how to keep text readable on any background. Shannon explains a simple technique that can improve user experience substantially.

How to prevent using weak self inside swift closure

A weak reference is just a pointer to an object that doesn't protect the object from being deallocated by ARC(Automatic Reference Counting). If you are worried about this reference problem , Just take a look at this article, Sam uses “noescape” keyword to solve this problem. @noescape comes to rescue to guarantee that a noescape closure that is passed to any function will not be used past the lifetime of the host function.

Enums with Associated Data vs. Structs

Swift has lots of different ways of storing your data. You can use enums, tuples, structs, classes (or even just use malloc and manage it yourself)! In this article, David discusses the comparison between enums with associated data and structs.

Climbing the Reactive Learning Curve in Swift

We all pretty much know about how reactive programming (Reactive programming is programming with asynchronous data streams) works using ReactiveCocoa, RxSwift , ReactKit. To know more about it just take a look at this blog, Chris has well summarized reactive libraries (Interstellar, Reactive Cocoa, RxSwift, and ReactKit ) step by step with the help of example.


Designing a Better RSS Reader

Want to design a best RSS reader? Just Take a look at this post ,Rebekah has written about how to design RSS Reader using NetNewsWire for your app. NetNewsWire is the best way to keep up with the sites and authors you read most regularly.

“Flat Design”? Destroying Apple’s Legacy… or Saving It

This article is about a criticism of Apple’s software design approach. It’s really good one. And an informed one. It is not against flat design, and it is not for skeuomorphism. But it makes a lot of very good and very clear arguments against the way Apple has approached its software design in the last couple years.

How to fix a bad user interface

This is a really well written and thorough article about some of the common pitfalls of UI designs, and how to improve or avoid them. In this article, Scott also explained about rules of UI stack and it’s states with the help of example.

Android News


Layout animations on RecyclerView

Antonio Leiva has been amazed by the Material Design diagonal animation that populates the activity from top to bottom and from left to right. Here he presents a technique to duplicate the effect.

Android Material Design Floating Labels for EditText

From this tutorial you’ll know how to integrate TextInputLayout from Design Support Library to your app. Here you’ll find a form validation app example also.

Retrofit 2.0: The biggest update yet on the best HTTP Client Library for Android

Retrofit has been simplifying HTTP calls for years and this new version has more features which make it more powerful than ever. This blog will focus on how the new APIs in Retrofit aid in making HTTP calls as simple as possible for your app.

Parallax Scrolling Tabs with Android Design Support Library

Take a look at this article and Learn how to create parallax scrolling tabs, also known as material view pager, using Android Design Support Library here.


UI Android Elements using Google’s Material Design

Post about implementing components from android UI template, using Google material design. Material Design UI Android Template App has lots of features to make your apps beautiful.

Overhauling the Twitter Experience on Android

In this article, Chris explained a detailed redesign that he has done for Twitter app. This is a very in depth concept from the basic user flow to detailed animations.

How To Convert iOS UI To Android

Interesting read for sure! This post will walk you through how to convert iOS UI to Android.