Week 78 Newsletter

iOS News


Thread Safety Basics on iOS/OS X

In this article from Parse, Richard Ross defines how you can fix and implement thread safety issue in a simple manner. He shows clean and safe way to handle concurrency and race conditions in iOS.

Fixing Bugs Driven By Tests in Swift

Here's an interesting read to identify bugs when you developing new code. In this article Giovanni Lodi shows how to fix bug for using Unit and acceptance tests as a tool.

Advanced & Practical Enum usage in Swift

Benedikt shows a number of way to use Enum in swift like nesting, pattern matching, associated value and hierarchically data.

Better Unit Testing with Swift

In this article explain how to get better unit testing with Swift. You have to take care of his dependencies on some points like Protocols, inject static, their parameters, value type and some other validation etc.


Improve your UX-Driven Designs with Functional Animations

Functional animation is an important toolbox in ux design.This article explain different way for convey his user with animation, if animation in design performs logical and specific action.

Making Learning Easy by Design

This is really well written and thorough article about ux design and how you use different tools in design is explained here.

Depth Perception In User Interface Design

Great commentary on "minimalist design" from Matthew in this article. If you are thinking about designing a minimalist interface, read this blog to avoid pitfalls.

Why San Francisco

If you are still wondering why Apple came up with San Francisco font, here is a great explanation.

Android News


Android Material Design Snackbar Example

Ravi shows how to use Snackbar introduced with Material Design.

Create an Image Gallery App with Android Studio 1.4 and Glide

Take a look at this article and learn how to create image gallery app using Glide framework and ViewPager Template in detail for Android.

Splash Screens the Right Way

Chris Stewart shows the right way to implement Splash Screen in your app.


10 Exciting Trends in Mobile App Design

From designing for Bigger phone screens to Layered Layouts to Smarter Prototyping, this is a great article on the latest design trends.

Overhauling the Twitter Experience on Android

Here's how Chris Basha went about designing Twitter app concept. Great article on the thought process involved while designing.