Week 8 Newsletter

iOS News


iOS Sprite Kit Game Tutorial - Part 1

This is a great tutorial on how to make a basic 2D game using Sprite Kit.

UINavigationController with Push and Pop Blocks

UINavigationController is often used as a container when programmatically creating view controllers. However, view controllers should not access, set, update or know anything about their containers. This post walks you through an alternative.

How to Implement a Beautiful 3D Draggable UI

This post is an overview of how to implement a draggable UI inspired by the Taasky app. It requires purchasing a plugin which we have not used, but the demo looks great and it might be worth checking out.

Behind the Scenes of the Pinterest 3.0 App

A team of four engineers details how they built easier navigation and custom transitions. There are also some interactions to let users discover related Pins through swiping gestures. Reminds me a bit of the interactions in the Path app.


Free iOS 7 wireframing kits

The easiest way to get your app started is to get your thoughts out of your head and on the screen. These are 8 wire-framing kits that provide the assets to put some of your app screens together.

How Airbnb Designed its iOS 7 App

The Airbnb team built a set of internal tools to allow them to build a consistent UI across their app. This blog post talks about their approach and learnings with the key takeaway being to only include the most important action item on each screen.

Learning Xcode 5 as a Designer

This is a great walkthrough on how to make you app designs come to life using Storyboard.

Android News


Add a Beautiful Action Bar to Your App

Flavien Laurent shares how to have a dynamic and transparent action bar in your app - one that resizes and becomes transparent when the user scrolls. This addition adds a ton of delight to screens that are otherwise mundane.

Creating Gifs that Show off your Android App

This is an easy way to convert screencasts of your Android app to gifs for demos, bug reporting or generally just showing off your app to users.

Blog Series on Android NDK Programming

Shanee Nishry is starting a blog series on the Android’s native development kit. It is a great first post - he would love your feedback!


Create Fade-in Fade-out Effects

This is a simple example on how to add in fade effects to elements as they are scrolling in and out of the view on screen.

Compare How Standard App Elements Look on iOS and Android

This is a great list and side-by-side comparison of iOS and Android elements. Specifically, it is very useful when porting your app from iOS to Android.