Week 80 Newsletter

iOS News


Friday Q&A 2015-12-11: Swift Weak References

In this article Mike Ash describes interesting features of Swift that is Weak references. It shows zeroing weak references and useful in reference counted languages. Weak references help count for each object and other validation related to object safely and quickly.

Writing Xcode plugin in Swift

Krzysztof Zab?ocki explains how to implement xcode in Swift. It helps for injecting our functionality into those actions and we often have lots of logs and being able to jump straight to line that logged an error.You must try this xcode.

A Handwriting Recognition Component for iOS

This blog shows handwriting recognition component in Swift. Simon gladman explain different technique where we akin to matching two images. Let’s take a look at that pattern which helps how you implement code for matching that images.

Higher-order functions in Swift

In this article Josh Smith explain higher-order functions apply in swift. This functions are based on the reduce function in a single loop. Reduce means reducing a sequence that involves an accumulator. Go through this article and use so many functions apply in swift.


Why UX Designers Don’t Need More UX Design Tools

In this article Alexey Ivanov explain that designers don’t need more tools but a user require more design tools. Because this tool make a connection between designer, developer and other makers.This tools for any project become more more accessible.

Usability Test on Product Hunt for iPhone

Eric Lee explain Product Hunt for iphone. PH helps to making users feel more inclusive and everyday to discover new and interesting products in the tech space. This article shows design,test Parameters, Usability test Scenarios and related to Pain Points design process.

Designing for Wearables

This article shows Wearable design on Apple watch. Wearable related to portability,communication,technology shows up on the wrist or the eyes. Wearable technology means to Minimalism,Responsiveness, Readability,Interactivity,Wrapping Up. So must read this article.

Android News


Android Application Architecture

Iván Carballo explains how that time architecture and technologies we’ve used to build Android apps have been continuously changed. It differentiate initial architecture and Rxjava driven architecture and MVP-based through diagram. This approach have some good consequences and also have some problem define in this article.

Implementing Android Marshmallow Direct Share

Direct Share is a new feature in Android Marshmallow. Matt Compton explain how user can directly share the relevant content without having to first open a second app. Direct share helps to save user time but user always remember that Avoiding Clutter.

Onboarding with Android ViewPager: The Google Way

This blog shows Onboarding Experience. It explain how you create that onboarding experience for your app.Let’s see his layout,viewPager Fragment and controlling color with viewpager.


Android Studio 2.0 Preview: Android Emulator

Jamal Eason explain new feature of Android Emulator. It helps you test your app on a wide range of screens size and configurations beyond the physical Android hardware.


This blog is explain by Cassius Kiani shows Key points for designing android like their layout, color,navigation,what type of resources are used. So read this blog it will helpful for you to design Android in simplest way and effectively.