Week 82 Newsletter

iOS News


Pain Free Constraints with Layout Anchors

Keith writes about using layout anchors to create constraints in code. He shows multiple ways of achieving layout, first one which is difficult uses NSLayoutConstraint, second shows how to achieve same effect with Layout Anchors.

Use and Misuse of NSUserDefaults

Caching values from NSUserDefaults is usually unnecessary, since it’s extremely fast to read from. David shows how to best use NsUserdefaults.

The Xcode Build System

We better understand Xcode since we already spent so much time with it. Dirk helps us out with ins and outs of Xcode.

Use it or lose it: why safe C is sometimes unsafe Swift

In this article, Matt looks at a class of memory safety bug. This particular bug occurs only in Release builds and can occur even when your code has no occurrence of the word “unsafe” anywhere in it.


Design Details: Quartz for iOS

If you haven't downloaded Quartz iOS app, I will highly recommend you download it. If not you can read this post from Brian on it's design.

UX Design in 14 Simple Steps

A blog post by Alan Cooper, expanding a tweetstorm from Jonathan Korman. A great read on nuances of UX design. Here is one - "Tell the story of the tool you want to give your users with the crudest pictures you can"

More Chinese Mobile UI Trends

This is a great followup to the post Dan Grover did at the end of 2014. Definitely worth a read if you are targeting international market or just want to learn some interesting design trends.

Android News


How to use Optional values on Java and Android

This line explains everything about this article - “A wise man once said you are not a real Java programmer until you’ve dealt with a null pointer exception, which is the source of many problems because it is often used to denote the absence of a value”.

6 tips to speed up your Gradle build

Building with Gradle is slow. Use the tips in this article to save incremental time we spend waiting for builds to get over.

Understanding Android's LayoutInflater.inflate()

Sean Farrell writes about the specifics of LayoutInflater's inflate method.

Mock Away Android Application Dependencies

If you use third party libraries in your apps, the team at Yammer has written a great post on resolving those dependencies.


Avoiding cold starts on Android

A great post from Saúl on avoiding cold starts using windowBackground. Google suggests avoiding Splash Screens on Android, arguing that they hurt the user experience, increase the size of the application, etc. H