Week 83 Newsletter

iOS News


Goodbye Spacer Views Hello Layout Guides

In this article, Keith writes about replacing the spacer views with three layout guides, first one is UILayoutGuide which has layout frame, second is layout anchors which is used to set the constraints and the third is an owning view but it is not part of the view hierarchy.

Capture Video with AVFoundation and Swift

This article shows how to setup custom video camera using AVFoundation and Swift. With the AVFoundation you can create custom playback and capture solution for audio, video and still images.

Tracking tasks with stack traces in Swift

Matt Galagher writes about capturing control flow information with stack traces during ongoing tasks to aid debugging. He also included a reimplementation of NSThread.callStackReturnAddresses in Swift for faster and more flexible stack traces.

Using Swift protocols to abstract third party dependencies and improve testability

Every application has to deal with third party code sooner or later, and the problem with third party code is that it makes writing tests harder. This article shows how to use swift protocols to abstract third party dependencies and gain more control on your tests.


Test your app on Real Carriers and in Real GEOs

HeadSpin enables app developers to test their apps and websites instantly on global carrier networks in a simple manner - from your own device in your hand - so you can see how the apps perform around the world. The platform then analyzes the network traffic and makes targeted suggestions on where the bugs are and how to fix them. There is no code change to your app. By using HeadSpin's Pre-launch testing platform, developers can confidently launch high quality and high performing apps Worldwide! Visit HeadSpin to learn more and get started.


All Talk and No Buttons: The Conversational UI

This article describes about the advantage of having a platform that is voice-controlled. There is no need to insist purely conversational interface if our platform give us more diverse toolbox, it means a simple button can work better than typing a whole line of text.

Android News


A View Divided: Adding Dividers to Your RecyclerView with ItemDecoration

In this article, David writes about adding dividers to your RecyclerView with ItemDecoration. RecyclerView.ItemDecoration is a tool used to decorate the children of RecyclerView. RecyclerView is the view group and with ItemDecoration you can easily modify the appearance of these child views.

AppCompat v23.2 — Age of the vectors

This article shows two ways to use the vector resources in AppCompat, the first one is AppCompatImageView and the second one which is the ‘magic’ way. the magic way may not work, AppCompat uses this extensively internally, but it relies on the just the right environment to actually work.

How to setup a Private Maven Repository for in-house Android libraries distribution

This article describes why and how to setup a Private Maven Repository for in-house android libraries distribution, how to install and configure Artifactory. How to create group, permission, create account. And switching artifactory to private mode.

SmallerAPK, Part 2: Minifying code

Wojttek writes about how to Minifying code and keeping your codebase clean, your dependencies in check and giving you the tools to help with those tasks. When using the google play library in your project, remember to switch to granular dependencies. ProGuard consumer rules are included with Play services so they should just work if you enable the code minifier for your build.


No Detail Is Too Small

Taylor goes into the design details of IMDB Android app and things it's missing in terms of Material Design. This post is a great reminder that although our apps follow Material Design, we might be missing some small things here and there.