Week 84 Newsletter

iOS News


3 Steps to marry Xcode with Swift Package Manager

Honza writes about 3 easy steps to marry Xcode with Swift package manager. First one is Trigger swift build when building in Xcode, Second is Add include path and the last one is Link the statics libraries.

Swift Abstract Syntax Tree

Swift compiler has an interesting mode -dump-ast which outputs the Abstract Syntax Tree of a Swift source code. This article shows Abstract Syntax Tree is used to represent the source code in form of a tree containing syntactic information.

Open sourcing the Storehouse animation engine

In this article, Tim shows how to make photos and videos eminently touchable, with creation and consumption experiences designed from the ground up for mobile. The rich animations and interactions found throughout the app are powered by a custom animation engine that they call “Advance.”


Building iOS Interfaces: A Custom Button

This article is about building a custom button with the help of Models, Views and Controllers, and how can we use both interface builder and Swift to customize a stock iOS control.

How to Build and Design iOS Video Chat Apps Using Swift

In this article, Brent shows how to build and design the iOS video chat app using Swift. He started with Twilio Video for iOS Quickstart for Swift and made some improvement in the design. He cleaned up quickstart UI to provide a solid foundation for design improvements and then he added camera switching and mute functionality to give flexibility to the user.

Android News


MediaBrowserServiceCompat and the modern media playback app

This article shows MediaBrowserServiceCompat and the modern media playback app. Media Playback with MediaSessionCompat is new which provides consistent way of talking to the system across all the API levels. In the MediaBrowserServiceCompat, Media is a class for media playback apps, Browse class is for manages connections and browse available media items, Service is the subclass of Service that use as the base class for your media playback service and Compat classes are cross-compatible with their framework versions.

How to make Range seekbar or dual thumbs seekbar in android

Great article about how to make Range Seekbar or dual thumbs seekbar in Android. RangedSeekbar is a simple SeekBar similar to the default Android one, but with two thumb controls allowing a range to be selected we need 3 steps, First one is Add the dependency in app level build.gradle file, Second is to Make the RangedSeekbar In XML file and in your attrs.xml file, and the last is Add the listener and get the min and max value.

Embedding Custom Views with MapView V2

Andrew describes about Embedding Custom Views with MapViews. Google has provided us with a MapFragment that can easily be added to any activity. If we don’t want a full Fragment or if we want to add MapView to a RecyclerView, the easy way is to add the maps dependency and add the fragment into your activity layout.


Flat Design Vs Material Design: The Design War

Prince describes about the design war between Flat Design & Material Design. Both methods have differences and similarities. Flat Design gets a high score in terms of ease and speed, it is smooth to implement and has a very less loading time. Owing to its complexity, Material Design consumes much time and is complicated to develop. If you are going for a complex and detailed system, the time and investment involved in Material Design is worth the cause. For more info about the Flat & Material Design you should read this article.