Week 85 Newsletter

iOS News


A first look at the Swift Express web server

A great article on Swift Express web server. Swift Express inherits the power of Play Framework and Express.js framework for Swift based web application and provide an easy way to create RESTful, JSON and XML APIs using Swift.

Scrolling Stack Views

In this article, Keith describes about Scrolling Stack View. He shows the steps to create Stack Views. He considered the example where he have Vertical stack view contain a number of images and want them to scroll within the content area between the labels. After that he added 3 Tap Gestures- Single finger tap, Two finger tap and Three finger tap, which has action method in the view controller.

Using Xcode and Swift Package Manager Together

In this article, Caesar describes about how to use Xcode and Swift Package Manager together. Swift Build will no longer output static libraries and because of that there will be nothing to import into Xcode. He shows 4 steps to fix this issue. First is adding an Xcode project directory, second is force Dependencies to output the Static Libraries, third is Add Dynamic Libraries to the Xcode project and the last one is to Add a Build Script.

VIPER to be or not to be?

In this article, Michal Wojtysiak & Bartlomiej Woronin writes their story and experience about VIPER. In this post they show what they have learnt, what was the biggest challenges during working with this architecture. And also, this article spends time questioning whether it's a good fit for your project or not.


Following Apple’s Design Dogma With Stunning Illustrations

In this article, Matthieu Aussaguel have gathered some outstanding User Interfaces illustrations. He showed Examples of beautiful User Interfaces and gave credit to the designer. Some of examples are- Task Manager UI, Onboarding, Walkthrough Animations, and for more examples you should see this article.

Perfect Menu for Mobile Apps

Nick Babich talk about perfect menu for Mobile Apps. He shows, what makes menu perfect for mobile apps, the advantage and disadvantage of hamburger menu. He also shows the example of icons and colors for helping users to understand the current location, Coordinate menus with user tasks and make it easy to manipulate.

Android News


How Libraries can silently add permissions to your Android App

In this article, Paolo Rotolo shows how Libraries can silently add permissions to your Android app. External libraries that you’re using in your app can silently set additional permissions in your final apk, even if you don’t declare them in your Android Manifest. To identify these permissions you have two important resources on your side, first is Manifest Merger Log and second one is Final Manifest of your app. See how can we get rid of those permissions in this article.

How to get data from dynamically created Views android

In this blog, Aman Gupta shows how to create the dynamic views and get the data accordingly. He creates some UI elements on the screen at the runtime which are- create Textview, RadioGroup, CheckBox and Spinner dynamically by dummy JSON data and create the onclick listener for button. After clicking on the button He get the data from each created views and show it.

How to Use Android Data Binding

Data Binding involved inflating XML layout in the activity, finding the element in the layout by using a method such as findViewbyID, assigning the element to a local variable, getting value from the data, and finally, assigning value to an element property. We need to repeat this for each element in the layout that involves data. A lot of code is repeated. Vipul shows how to use a Data Binding library to make things simpler to hook up to data in Android applications.

Bottom Sheet with Android Design Support Library

In this article, Suleiman describes about Bottom Sheet with Android Design Support Library. Version 23.2 of the Android Support library is a huge update. The Design Support Library made Material Design easy and the new update made it a step easier by adding favorite Bottom Sheet. This is a good post to learn about Bottom Sheet.


Microinteractions: The Secret of Great App Design

In this article, Nick describes about the Microinteractions. He shows some examples of microinteractions which include- The vibration notification together with silent mode and Interface animation that either shows ability to click. He also shows the beauty of Microinteractions. It can be inserted in following area- in the progress bar for uploading or downloading, Highlight Changes, Keep Context, Visualize Input and Call to Action.

Easy Android: Launch screen

Fredrik Aldgård shows the Launch Screen of Android. First he started with understanding the Launch Screen, how Launch Screen work and how to implement it in good way. After that he goes to the Coding Part, he created new theme style in styles.xml. Then he goes to AndroidManifest.xml and changed the theme of the launch activity to the style he created earlier.