About TapFame

What is TapFame?

TapFame is where developers, designers, product managers, artists, etc. get the credit they deserve for the mobile apps they have worked on. These people are listed on the official credits page (example) of each app and get their own profile page (example) to share with others.

Why would I want credit?

You have worked hard for months on your mobile apps. You deserve a place on the Internet where you can get credit for all of that hard work. Additionally, you'll have a beautiful profile with all the mobile apps you have worked on. Go here and add your apps to get started.

What kind of profile will I get?

Your profile on TapFame will list all the apps you've worked on. You will get a link that you can use to share your profile across the web. You can share this profile on Linkedin, Twitter, Facebook etc. (see example profile)

How much does TapFame cost?

It is free!